About Mizzymoo

Hi there!

My name is Nadia, I am the maker of the things you find in this shop.
I have been creating designs and basically having a lot of fun with illustrator and seeing my creations lasercut at VectorEtch (laser cutting company of amazingly patient and helpful people). I enjoy designing and creating things that I am a fan of. I pretty much like anything: animals, plants, obscure references to tv shows from the 90s.

The usual.

I have been busy designing, assembling and creating my own jewellery, as well as putting together a brand based on whimsy, cute and fun things, inspired by my daughter.  My little girl is named Maizie (inspiration for "Mizzymoo") and the past 5 years have been full.
We have been to many speech, physical and occupational therapy appointments for her to learn to speak and to do basic things like follow instructions with little games as well as activities at a table. She is now attending an amazing school for children with autism and I have a little more time.

I hope you enjoy!